Amberliegh’s Management Structure:

    There are 6 Trustees and 3 non trustees:


    Ms Elaine Audain - Chair

    Tara Garde -  Secretary

    Ms Rose Nwanna – Financial Advisor/Treasurer

    Ms Kate Chalal – Committee Member

    Ms Yasemin Hasaan – Committee Member

    Ms Christine McDonnell – Committee Member

    Non - Trustees

    Ms Laurette Josiah, (Founder/Artistic director)

    Miss Leona Lewis, (Patron)

    Mrs Akunna Nwanna-Skeete – Projects/Operations Manager (Volunteer)

    Mr Jermain Jackman (Ambassador)

    Laurette Josiah is the founder member and artistic director of Amberliegh. She delivers the weekly music, drum and dance practice sessions. She is supported by Akunna Skeete the former Project Coordinator of Sakumoh Dance Troupe which was registered as a charity in 1989.

    There are approximately 5 active volunteers who are DBS checked and regularly contribute their time during projects, performances and the weekly  classes.

    Amberliegh is managed by Akunna Skeete (Project Manager) who acts as a volunteer during unfunded projects and as a Sessional Project Manager during funded projects.
    She reports to The management committee who meet approximately every 6 - 8 weeks or more frequently during the organisation of particular projects.