Junior Drum and Dance Sessions for 5-7 year olds

We deliver these sought after sessions for children of this age group in order to develop their coordination, confidence and gain ability to work as a team by appearing in public performances.

These practice sessions for children aged 5-7 consists of a 30 minute drumming session followed by 60 minutes of learning dance movements and routines as well as allowing them to freely express and contribute to their own dance routines. These sessions are also held at the Chestnuts Community Hall in Highbury Grange, Highbury Barn. They are attended by between 8-12 children weekly. Parents/carers attend the drum session only if they wish and return after the dance session.

The children in this class will again continue to develop and progress until they reach the age of 11 years old to which they will progress to the Advanced Drum and Dance class which is held at 2pm - 4pm on Saturday